Blast, Crash, Spin and Dance your way into the astonishing world of Aniball Island.

Join the Aniballs – Marmoo, Booch, Chog, Nooni, Pandu and Eloo – as they play, create and overcome fun challenges, and meet the other colourful characters that inhabit the surrounding Islands.

Each Aniball has their own distinct personality and they don’t always see their fantastical world in the same way, leading to hilarious misunderstandings, and heart-warming adventures.


Aniball Island is a group of colourful unconventional landscapes suspended just above the beautiful Aniball Ocean. Each is specific to certain activities and are connected by slides, rope bridges and magical portals, and are the gateway to a host of as-yet undiscovered Aniballs and adventures.

Aniball Island is brisk in pace and compassionate in content, with a soundtrack that will have you reaching for the re-wind button to get your groove on.