Incoming Transmission…..

Terrahawks Stay on this Channel – this is an emergency!”

The year is 2020 and the Earth is under threat of Alien Invasion.

The Evil Zelda – Imperial Queen of Guk – is intent on universal domination and conquering the Earth is high on her list!

Enter the Terrahawks lead by Doctor “Tiger” Ninestein.  The Terrahawks are the heroic defenders of the Earth on a mission to defeat Zelda and her army of cubes and monsters.

Resonating strongly with it’s 80’s audience Terrahawks is a retro, tongue in cheek sci-fi brand with cult status among its avid fan base.

Frequently compared to celebrities from Teresa May to Fearne Cotton, Zelda remains vocal on any number of issues and can trash talk with the best of them!

Style guide arriving at a galaxy near you soon.